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Trending: Custom Charcuterie Boards

You will notice a charcuterie trend on menus these days and we are proud to be a part of it!

These charcuterie boards are especially popular in farm to table restaurants and gatherings where traditional foods are served. However, some of us are still asking; what is a custom charcuterie board? Why do I need a custom charcuterie board at my next party?

Charcuterie is the culinary art of preparing cured or smoked meat products such as bacon, salami, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, and confit. Charcuterie boards are essentially the meat response to a cheese board, and are often combined. Someone that prepares charcuterie is called a Charcutier. So why is this a trend? What is all the rage?

Like many traditional foods that are making a comeback, charcuterie is a culinary art developed from necessity; it is the way meats were preserved long before the days of refrigeration. And just like pickles, fermented vegetables, home drafted beer, broth and kombucha, custom charcuterie boards have been revived by the traditional food movement.

Generally when served in a restaurant charcuterie is presented as an appetizer on a board alongside artisan cheese and nuts. However, the fabulous thing about serving charcuterie at your own party is that there are no rules! You can keep it as simple as you like or you can dress it up with fruits, a variety of artisan breads or crackers, olives, spreads like honey, and even some preserves or jams!

We hope you choose to work with The Char-Cuties Co for your next customized charcuterie board!

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